Guided cycling tours in Mallorca

Guided cycling tours in Mallorca

We have guided tours for everyone

TOURING at a relaxed pace

Here we ride and have fun. We have time to talk a lot during the ride. No hard riding more comfortable and a enjoyable.
We stop and rest, drink coffee and have time to take in a lot of beautiful views. An excellent group for those who are new to cycling.
The speed is about average 20-25 km/h in the lowlands and If you have no experience to groupcycling we recommend that you take our course in cycling as an introduction to, among other things cycling in a group.


This group is for those who cycled a few years and is comfortable on the bike for several hours.

You want some fast riding with variety and challenges. You want to grow as a cyclist.
You do not mind sweating some and look forward to one or more climbs during the ride.

Climbs can be about 5 km long! Here we cycle an average of about 28-32 km/h in the lowlands and about 20-25km/h in the mountains.


Here is the group for those who bike really a lot or are fast by nature.

Cycling is a part of life.
You are here to ride very quickly and you love it.
You want climbs in the ride to get you going. You want to run hard and get answers.

It may well be long rounds and varied pace. We have an average speed of 30-40 km in the lowlands and> 25 km/h in the mountains.



In the summer months less cyclists comes to Mallorca. That means it is plenty of space on the roads. Everything is open on the whole Island and the riding is still really great. Now the weather is also really good and the sea is warmer. It is great to be in Majorca in the summer.

Check with us, where the best places are, when you rent your bike.